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Within the deep roots of classic rock history that lays in the Jersey Shore, Asbury Park Recording Artist, Keith Egan brings a new tone. Now, Keith is straying a bit
away from where his music once stood.

On December 28, 2018, Keith released a his single "Belong" as a part of the Telegraph Hill Records' "What a Wonderful Year" Compilation Album. The song continues Keith on his pop track as he continues to work through the Asbury Park label

"Summer Love" was the first track of these roots which was released June 14, 2018. It holds significance by being the first song he is releasing with Producer, MaYayO, (a.k.a Matt Menges) under  Telegraph Hill Records.


With his newest releases"Belong" and “Summer Love”, Keith Egan expands his potential and challenges himself with the creation of these pop hits. With the use of his traditional history of smooth guitar progressions, Keith adds different dynamics which show his progression as an artist. 


"My music has evolved so much in both recent and distant history. I started off writing pop-rock songs as a kid, which has stayed pretty similar, but by developing in different genres of music, and putting them all in different parts of my songs, I’ve been able to make them much stronger and overall better. I’ve added more instruments, styles and influences on “The Best Is Yet To Come” which I think makes this album really strong and fun to listen to no matter what type of music you’re into. I want to continue on this track and keep developing with different genre and artist influences to create even better music ahead."

Growing up with a love for music, Keith Egan was playing guitar and singing from only 7 years old, performing in Bible School shows and Elementary school collectives through his childhood. During elementary school, he began writing his own songs and fell in love with doing so.  Though he was only in the beginning stages of songwriting, it was a great place to start. When he was 13, he was already writing songs he could record and play with bands and had his first solo acoustic gig at a local restaurant and bar. The experience drove him to play more gigs and eventually, he was playing bigger venues.

"Come Along" Music Video

In 2015, Egan released his debut EP “Come Along” which was the first time he released his material to iTunes and Spotify. From there, he became more focused on being an independent artist more seriously as opposed to someone who could just play and sing. He would soon put together a full band to play the songs live with him at gigs including a release show shortly after which he ended up heading off to college. During his first semester, he would end up writing a good portion of “The Best Is yet To Come” using his life changes and experiences as fuel to write. It was then he knew he wanted to release an album. Soon enough, the songwriter went full steam ahead on the project and began recording the songs and creating the sound he wanted. It was then “The Best Is Yet To Come” album was finally born.


Band Shows - Acoustic - Restaurant - Parties - Fundraisers & MORE!




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"The album is alternating-ly poignant, fun, introspective, and heartfelt, with a relatable narrative that is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who's ever loved and lost but kept forging ahead."

   Jerey Indie

"His passion for songwriting and music combined with personal life experiences was the motor to create his pop-rock style record."

SoLoud News

" Keith Egan’s latest single will immediately leave you wishing for a hot summer day at the beach with something cold and fruity in your hand... Summer Love is the perfect way to kick off the summer."


 Life of Yar

© 2019 Keith Egan